Our Approach

Before we go any further, we would appreciate it if you joined us in a brief exercise. To be more accurate, it's an enjoyable bit of fun, but with a serious point.

All it involves is answering these simple questions with us…….

Do you remember what work was like before fax machines were introduced?

Can you recall how we all managed to keep in touch before mobile phones?

How did we all cope in the years before the internet and email?

As you've probably guessed, the answers are not really as important as the questions - and the crucial point is that now we can do things that would have been impossible before faxes, mobiles and the internet.

But the questions themselves exert a certain fascination. Why is that?

Because they make us stop and think.

Because they make us aware that things can be done quicker, better, more efficiently.

And because someone, somewhere took the trouble to sit down, analyze a problem and find just the right solution.

We're not implying that at FAPCOTECH we shall be responsible for the next major technological breakthrough. But we do promise that we will follow exactly the same process.

We will sit down with you as a partner to analyze your business needs as well as your technical requirements

We will examine your existing IT set up, resources and capabilities (up to and including a full scale audit, if required)

We will recommend the best solution and the best vendor

We will work closely with you from identifying your need to implementing the solution

We will supply a full back-up and support service, from trouble shooting to helpdesks and onsite visits.
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