At FAPCOTECH we follow international development methodologies and have a tried-and-tested formula for any and every system development that we undertake. It has been designed to clearly ascertain needs, cover all eventualities, explore all opportunities and produce the optimum solution. It encompasses five distinct stages:-

Stage 1 – Analysing requirements

Ultimately the most crucial stage of any project development, by analyzing the requirements early, FAPCOTECH is able to ensure measures are in place to control costs, reduce risks, and to ensure the project is developed within the desired time frame. At this stage, it is essential to distinguish between what the client “WANTS” and what he really “NEEDS”. At FAPCOTECH , we identify the requirements by relying on our highly expert consultants and business/technical analysis team backed by sophisticated tools such as:

  • Microsoft CRM for customer relationship management to identify and track clients, contracts, follow-ups and provide the necessary help desk support.
  • MS Project Manager® or Ten Step® project management tools to identify the project, timetables, deliverables, stages and task assignments.
  • UML: Unified Modeling Language
  • Microsoft SPS for document management of the project during its life cycle as well as secure document exchange between the management and development team

Stage 2 – Assessing infrastructure and resources

This phase includes a complete assessment of software, hardware and resources, followed by recommendation of the most suitable platforms to meet requirements.

Stage 3 – Framing the solution & architecture

Following on from the conclusions reached at Stages 1 and 2, a full project plan, complete with all essential software components, is drawn up and presented.

Stage 4 – Development, testing and implementation

After selection of the solution platform, integration needs and appropriate program and language, the solution is constructed, tested and implemented across three environments, namely development, testing and production. For this, we may draw on a complete range of tools in addition to those noted above. As well as our own range of quality-assured tools, procedures and programmes, these include:-

O/S, Platform & Databases:

Graphic & Creative:

  • Photoshop
  • ImageReady
  • FreeHand
  • Dreamweaver
  • Macromedia-Flash

Change Control Management & Version Control Tools:

  • Enterprise Architect (Reverse Engineering)
  • Ten Step


  • Enterprise Architect

System Documentation:

  • JavaDoc
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe Writer
  • Visio
  • Ten Step

Stage 5 – Training, support and upgrading

Our training and support procedures embrace:-

  • technology and knowledge transfer
  • onsite engineers and helpdesk services for critical systems
  • partnership with certified Training Centers

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