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MFS 100 Multi Format Scanner


Most of the traditional teller scanners can only handle and process check size documents.
The brand new MFS 100 can replace them all, because this unique machine is offering multi format scanning features directly at the teller place, in the bank branch , in the back office or for remote deposit capture (RDC).
From small slips , tickets, check size documents up to signature cards, A4, letter size and US legal – all can be handled with one machine, one interface, one PC and one application.

Technical Data

Item Feeder

  • Automatic batch feeder for up to 80 items
  • Double feed detection
  • Max. item length 210 mm, min. item length 80 mm
  • Max. item height 108 mm
  • Paper weight 70 - 120 g/m2

Integrated straight on by-pass feeder for scanning of ID cards, plastic cards and rigid documents

Image Cameras

  • Front and rear camera
  • Resolution 200/100dpi
  • Transport speed up to 0,75 m/sec
  • Color or 256 levels of gray in TIFF, BMP or JPG
  • Black/white uncompressed or TIFF G4
  • Alternative front camera with ultraviolet, infrared and RGB illumination

Multiple handling

  • Slips, tickets and check size documents with an automatic batch feeder
  • ID cards, plastic cards, driver licenses and rigid documents from a straight-on bypass feeder
  • The basic MFS 100 can be up graded at any time in the field with two versions of full page scanning mod-ules:
    • The Page Module PM 100 with automatic single feeder
    • The PM 100 ADF with au-tomatic batch feeder

The unit is equipped with a special connector for the combination with the full page scanning module PM 100 or PM 100 ADF at any time in the field.

Output pocket

  • Capacity: up to 80 items
  • adjustable to item length
  • Optional Separate pocket for rejected items

Code line reader

  • CMC 7 and E 13B (MICR) Automatically selected


  • Noiseless ink jet printer, rear with high capacity ink car-tridge, free programmable.

Integrated chip card reader

The MFS 100 is now available a new UV (ultraviolet ) and IR (infrared ) RGB front side camera.
This feature allows to detect faked and manipulated checks direct at the place of presentation and is verifying original checks and other documents

Optical reading by software

OCR A/B, E 13 B, CMC 7 Farrington 7B and all common 1D barcodes at any position on the document.

Hardware interface

One USB 2.0 interface for data and communication ( supports also PM 100 )

Software interfaces

  • WALTHER API for Win 2000, XP , Vista and Win 7 32 and 64 Bit
  • Scan Read API

Power Supply

  • External, 230 V/115V, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%
  • Voltage is automatically selected

Weight and Measures

  • Dimensions in mm: 280 x 127 x 180, (LxWxH)
  • Weight approx. 2.6 Kg

Ambient temperature

+10° to +35° C
Relative humidity up to 90%, non condensing

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