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Creative Art

One sure way to stand out on the web or anywhere else is to use stunning, but relevant, imagery. Often a carefully chosen image says more than a thousand words. But, on the other hand, the wrong piece of artwork can spell disaster. Our creative designers can help bring a fresh, exciting perspective to your company, organization, product or service.

Creative Design

We specialize in creating customized, high quality artistic websites, in addition to creative banner advertisements - banners that produce a high click through rate than the average banner. Options include static banners, animated GIF banners and Flash banners for any type of market, product or organization.


Animation brings your website to life, adds interactive spark and gains attention from your visitors. We use Flash & Shockwave animation for animated introduction pages, animated websites and animation blocks to bring an added dimension to your site.


In a world where differentiation is paramount, multimedia can give your message that vital cutting edge. We regularly use a combination of:

  • motion
  • graphic elements
  • animation
  • audio
  • and video

to deliver sales, instructional, or marketing messages with added impact and results. Multimedia presentations are an excellent way to motivate, inform, and captivate a wide range of audiences. And they can be delivered through a diverse range of mechanisms, including:-

  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Plasma screen
  • Video or DVD
  • Kiosk
  • CD-Rom
  • Internet
  • Sales Presentations
  • Product Launches
  • Trade Shows
  • Websites
  • Corporate Events
  • Virtual Demos
  • E-Learning
  • Portals
  • Online Advertising
  • HTML Email
  • Print Support
  • User Interfaces
  • eNewsletters

Generating response

But creative design does not exist in isolation. We believe our designs must stimulate response whilst also generating brand goodwill and promise. From Rich Media/Flash Interactive experiences to static graphic design, FAPCOTECH offers multimedia design that’s as effective as it is creative.

For further information about our Creative Art solutions, please contact our Sales & Marketing Department.

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