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Security Services

FAPCOTECH’S Enterprise Security Solutions operate on an end-to-end basis at the highest end of the business value chain.  We help migrate global security best practices to our clients. FAPCOTECH is well placed not only to assist customers in overcoming the problems associated with internet safety, but also all-round security in a complex and dynamic business environment. We offer:-

  • premium quality security solutions from both internal and external perspectives
  • sustained protection against hackers and hostile content
  • continual availability of resources and processes
  • facilitation of global security best practices to our clients
  • continual protection through firewalls, anti-virus mechanisms, intrusion detection and gateway protection systems
  • a broad range of security protocols such as PKI, SSL, SET and 3D First

Key requirements

Each of our security consulting, development and management solutions addresses the requirements of

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Non Repudiation

For further information about Security Services, please contact our Technical Department.

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