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Intranet Solutions

Growth and globalization pose massive challenges to every organization. The following elements are essential for continued productivity and efficiency:

  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst employees
  • Implementation and display of best practices
  • The ability to take advantage of intellectual property in disparate environments
  • Elimination of unnecessary and wasteful ‘paper flow’

Managing assets

Managing intellectual not only concerns human resources, but IT resources too.  Well-designed Intranet infrastructures help companies to leverage critical knowledge, creating a knowledge-sharing network that empowers employees and drives the organization forward.  FAPCOTECH ’s domain expertise across various industries and technologies ensures that we fully understand modern business problems and enables us to implement solutions that address these issues.  Our back-to-back intranet and collaboration services include:-

  • Intranet Applications
  • Portals
  • Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Security Profiles
  • Workflow
  • Digital Signatures.
  • Secure Email Services

Comprehensive spectrum of services

FAPCOTECH will help you to assess your environment and the challenges you face in the future, helping to evaluate technologies and recommend a best-fit solution that makes you ideally positioned to meet tomorrow’s needs as well as today’s.

Our intranet services are specifically designed to provide each of our clients with a smart, economical answer to short and long-term problems, and embrace every aspect of intranet technology, including Architecting, Designing, Development, Deployment, Maintenance and Support.

Total intranet strategies

Our intranet expertise enables us to offer a complete intranet strategy and implementation service that includes all the following:-

  • Formulating a policy for sustaining knowledge creation and reuse
  • Aligning strategy towards business goals and priorities
  • Designing a collaborative process-framework, to organize, capture and share knowledge
  • Developing and deploying appropriate technology tools.

For further information about Intranet Solutions, please contact our Sales & Marketing Department.

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