Content Management

FAPCOTECH has developed a proprietary content management tool that supports complete web lifecycle management, and that delivers enterprise portals and content, from creation to deployment. This secure, robust and scalable solution can comfortably meet the most strenuous of intranet and extranet demands.

Key features

In a single integrated system, FAPCOTECH ’s Content Management Solution provides a vast array of built-in features. This battery of facilities ensures fast web infrastructure operation, whilst simultaneously providing a secure, easy-to-use environment for ongoing content contributions. This facilitates:-

  • streamlining of the publication process
  • simultaneous delivery of content to multiple channels
  • a significant reduction in maintenance workload.

Clear business benefits

FAPCOTECH’s CMS delivers an attractive range of technical and business advantages, the most significant of which are:-

Low total cost of ownership (TCO): the relatively low cost of total ownership creates a swift return on your initial investment.

A user-friendly, comprehensive solution that can manage public online and internal corporate content: by simplifying web content management processes, organizations will maximize the benefits of their content and generate a significant return on investment (ROI)

Rich feature set without the need for programming: FAPCOTECH ’s CMS requires no programming, enabling all end users to contribute to content creation.

Secure and simple access: access rights and roles can be created to manage content creation and content publication tasks securely using the highest security standards

Designed with the non-technical contributor in mind: User adoption is very successful in a short period of time; FAPCOTECH ’s WYSIWYG end user interface ensures user acceptance

Multilingual support for international web sites: FAPCOTECH ’s CMS ensures that web content can be edited in any language, guaranteeing global consistency across all versions of the site.

Other significant attributes of our CMS embrace:-

  • Enterprise-wide content management and reuse
  • Multilingual support
  • User Friendly – "drag & drop" functionality
  • Task management
  • Direct content contribution from business users
  • Pre-built modules and templates
  • User access and security management
  • Ad Management

For further information about our Content Management tool or a Free Demo, please contact our Sales & Marketing Department.

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