FAPCOTECH e-Insurance System

FAPCOTECH e-Insurance is a comprehensive insurance system designed to modernize the Takaful business and transform its distribution channels. A fully customized integrated Islamic insurance system, it links up all the channels within the Takaful insurance industry. It is a revolutionized solution facilitating online processes and services to the insurance partners, agents and customers through the Internet.

The system is a major breakthrough in having mutual communication between the insurance company and all parties involved in the Takaful Field. The successful implementation of this system can significantly improve the efficiency of the business operational processes. This will eventually help the company to gain and maintain leadership as well as business revenue in the insurance industry.

FAPCOTECH e-Insurance system acts as the gateway for all the operational processes between the Takaful insurance company head office, branches, agents and the customers.

The system is released with the concentration on the marketing chain that provides online services for the company and its agents to market and process customer requirements effectively with cost-efficiency. It covers 2 major application systems:

E-Insurance application

The E-Insurance application system supports all kind of Takaful insurance cover notes processing system. It facilitates the issuance of policies via online Intranet/Internet. Among the operations integrated within the core application are agents management system, premium computation, issuance of policies by the agents, displaying of policies for printing and making enquiries and management reports. The idea of having e-Cover Notes is achieved using this system.

Portal System application

The idea of Portal System is to allow the insurance company to market the insurance products directly via the Internet. The Portal System is supported by a dynamic back-end administrative system developed exclusively by FAPCOTECH. The system allows the web administrator and marketing executives to administer and manage the Internet portal site. Besides the capability of providing online features like Online Quote, Online Payment, e-Calculator, e-News, e-Survey and e-Alert, the Portal System can also generate micro-websites for all its agents to further market the company products. This micro-website is powered by FAPCOTECH proprietary Content Management Tool with an engine to auto-create and maintain the agents' websites. The agents are also given login to administer their own websites.

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