Internet Payment Processing

FAPCOTECH’s Internet payment processing system enables an existing web site to become an ‘instant cashier’ in making your business a profit centre.

How it works

At the point of purchase, the consumer is transferred to a secure web server (it could be the bank or a trusted payment processing company), via SSL protocol from Verisign, to enter their credit card and billing information.  The secure server (payment gateway) processes the transaction and then provides both the merchant and the customer with an email copy of the receipt.  The customer is then returned to the vendor web site.

  1. Upon selecting their purchase, customers are directed to a secure order form to complete their purchase
  2. The order is sent to the bank for credit approval
  3. Transaction results are returned back to the trusted server
  4. The customer is returned to the merchant server and notified of the transaction results.

Choice of options

FAPCOTECH provides several options when it comes to on-line payment processing, from adding a simple payment form for your website or using our ‘Server to Server’ API to create a secure connection directly from your server to ours.

Payment Solutions for Merchants & Businesses

Our on-line payment system easily integrates into your website to enable you to process credit card payments quickly and cost effectively……

  • Our payment services can be easily integrated into many of the top shopping cart and hosted website solutions
  • We support multi-currency
  • Our payment engine is available in both Arabic and English. 
  • Can be connected to your CRM and Finance Systems.

If you are new to e-commerce, or already have a payment service provider, FAPCOTECH can provide the best-valued solution available in the marketplace.

Solutions for Government

All levels of Government can benefit from providing tools that make it easier for their constituents to pay for services, and for Government administrative staff to reconcile those payments with their financial systems.  Bills payment, business registration and licensing services, Electronic Bill Presentation System (EBPS), and many others are examples of products that are in use today by hundreds of Governments throughout the world.  FAPCOTECH provides the platform for collecting and reconciling these payments cost effectively and with tight business system integration.

Solutions for Universities and Organizations

FAPCOTECH’s On-line payment system makes it very easy for organizations and academic institutions to process payments for a wide variety of services.  Our ability to process both credit and debit card payments in real-time, batch, and recurring models uniquely establishes us as a valued added leader in this market.  Universities and other organizations can choose our solution for collecting payments for services such as:-

  • memberships
  • tuition
  • books
  • parking
  • meals
  • conferences and other one-time and ongoing fees.

For further information about our Internet Payment tool, please contact our Sales & Marketing Department.

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