FAPCOTECH is proud to introduce its Online Auto Rental System (OARS), a technological advanced web-based auto rental and reservation management system, designed to cater for the specific needs of the auto-industry around the world.

The purpose of OARS is to help Car rental companies run their business more effectively, while reducing overall expenses, organizing the auto rental/lease process, allowing customers to access the company’s services online, and increase overall sales.

With OARS You will leap to a new level of IT-solutions, where You can administrate all the information by Yourself. Based on the latest Microsoft Development Technology Framework, our system allows You to have complete, efficient control over the business from anywhere in the world!

FAPCOTECH’s OARS is user-friendly and simple to use for visitors of Your website and also for the administrator of the system. Nonetheless, the system is fully customizable and our certified engineers are always ready to work with You during the whole process so that Your employees will be as familiar with OARS as our team of programmers is.

All of FAPCOTECH System's projects are technologically innovative, reliable and customized to each and every one's requests. After joining hands with You, we will analyze Your specific needs and goals. This way we can design OARS to operate exactly the way You want!

What is FAPCOTECH’s OARS system:

More than ever, your potential customers are using the web to make reservations. It’s now time to take the next step and offer real-time bookings. Our OARS system provides all the needed resources to accomplish this using YOUR web site to book YOUR vehicles all under YOUR control

OARS is a ready-made, web-based system for auto rental and vehicle reservation management. It is currently up and running and ready for you to use. This system allows you as an independent auto-rental firm to implement an online reservation system through your website without significant complexities and challenges to your current business infrastructure. 

In addition, your online reservation page could be added to our car rental GDS (Global Distribution System) that would allow the clients to browse quickly to your reservation page with only three clicks: SELECT COUNTRY -> CITY -> LOCATION NAME. Done!!!

One of the key elements of FAPCOTECH’s OARS is its fluidity and speed. Fully Customized to the Middle East region, Rate quotes are displayed in the country’s local currency and fully integrated with KNET (Debit Card) or Visa, Mastercard etc.. (Credit Card).

Although OARS is a ready-made system, it is also completely customizable and adaptable to each and every client's exclusive needs (company specifics, visual characteristics, data, design, etc.). Inpiduality is the key and a chance for breakthrough in this highly competitive business.

Instant rate quotation, customized approach, adaptable design and a competitive price make OARS the only one in its business. Being the system of today, it will be the system for future. 


OARS may be technologically advanced, but it is incredibly simple to use – both for you and your customers. No technical staff or programmers required. Read on to see how easy it is!


Your website visitors are required to sign in first, where their details are loaded and saved into the system accordingly to different profiles you can set in advance–Users will have their own login and password to administer their details. You will be able to track their profile and transactions in your site at which point your system information will be loaded and the customer will book from there!


Before you may have received information through emails, online forms, phone calls, people contacting you… and any other manner making management frustrating. This is all about to change when you register with OARS.

OARS is a COMPLETE booking management system. Customers will visit your site – see that they can book online, then follow the simple point-and-click instructions until their booking is made, and your payment received! Once transaction is completed, the system will automatically send you and your customer emails confirming the booking – and it will be logged in the system. No worries about ‘double booking’ a vehicle accidentally, the system will manage availability! 

Still want to receive bookings through other means? No problem – you can quite easily enter the bookings into the system yourself…OARS will be your one-stop-shop solution for all your reservation management.


For bookings to be confirmed in the system, a method of payment must be fixed. Two options are normal – Debit and credit card payments are fully integrated with the system where information goes straight to payment gateway and then back directly into your nominated bank account (This is the default for the system). Of course, you have the power to decide how you would like payment to proceed – being able to provide instant payment online is a key advantage to online reservations!

Customers are able to check availability and get price quote for as many potential bookings as they would like before they decide and pay – total flexibility, with no effort required from you!


As can happen, human error sometimes throws us a curveball, frustrating business. With OARS, you, your agents, brokers and your customers can view reservations currently in the system with reservation codes. If necessary, key details can be altered to ensure that the booking is exact!


Any changes, updates, new vehicles, additional features or other personalization you would like for the booking system can be easily managed through the online administration. YOU have complete control over YOUR system – no more contacting your IT staff/supplier every time you want to change some details on a vehicle… just log on and do it yourself in seconds!

There are many more features available in the system. Our staff is always available to show you a demo upon your request.

 “We provide the system; you manage it; your customers use it. It’s that simple.”


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