With the high demand for effective communication and collaboration in the global marketplace, FAPCOTECH provides e-Government, e-Enterprise, mobile, and media self-service portals in addition to integrated web-services and financial streaming solutions to multiple customers.  Our excellent knowledge within each portal domain helps customers leverage assets, streamline operations, reinforce identity, increase productivity, and gain stakeholder satisfaction.

What are Portals?

Portals are a little like entry points at airports or seaports. They allow organizations and individuals one central access point to a vast amount of information via a single web interface. Users are then able to view diverse sorts of information based on their own personal profiles. Separate profiles are available for the following users, restricting certain areas of information and opening up others-:

Internal Users (B2E – ‘Business to Employees’)

  • Employees – e.g. (used for sales tools or HR facilities)
  • Management e.g. (used for reporting and decision support)

External Users (B2B & B2C – ‘Business to Business’ & ‘Business to Consumer/Customer’)

  • Suppliers e.g. (used for supply chain information)
  • Customers e.g. (used for sales or corporate information)
  • General Public e.g. (used for sales or corporate information)

Complete access

Whatever your selected platform, FAPCOTECH is able to provide solutions consolidating applications and resources from many different systems into one point of access. Our approach enables your systems to handle six key elements to the highest technical standards, namely:-

  • Aggregation
  • Integration
  • Access security profiles
  • Presentation
  • Personalization
  • Administration

This ensures that both your people and your daily routines progress harmoniously and efficiently.

FAPCOTECH – going further

In fact, FAPCOTECH takes the enterprise portal a step further – giving your organization or company that extra competitive edge. We can integrate smoothly with existing systems and databases to access critical information from any data source, and deliver that information into user-friendly portlets and interactive Web reports.


Through the use of Single Sign On, LDAPS and User Profiles, the customer will be able to control data view and access as well as use a single user ID and password to access separate legacy systems.

Additional benefits

FAPCOTECH has developed its own in-house portal applications, but we also offer a broad range of additional products through our partnerships with BEA, Oracle and Microsoft. We can transform your website into a precision tool for not only encouraging faster and more efficient working procedures, but also identifying and pursuing new and profitable opportunities.

Adaptable and ‘site-friendly’

FAPCOTECH solutions are flexible and ‘user-friendly’. Our modular component architecture allows for customizable solutions that maintain the exact look, tone and style of existing corporate portals and websites. Not only are our solutions seamless, they are also tailored to your corporate or institutional style.


With portals customers have great advantages in adding "Web Services" that may include SMS to their clients, syndication of data,…etc.

For further information about our Portal solutions, please contact our Sales & Marketing Department.

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