Online Elections

FAPCOTECH was the first company in the entire Gulf region to introduce the first on-line election system into the marketplace. Once again, FAPCOTECHpioneered yet another breakthrough in Kuwait’s technology infrastructure.

State of the art system

FAPCOTECH enjoys an outstanding reputation as a leader in its market. It was this reputation, allied to our acknowledged technical expertise, which led to us being trusted to develop the on-line election system for the Kuwait Parliament elections - “Omma 2004”.  With more than 300 resources working to make the system a success, and more than 5 million hits to our servers, we delivered a state of the art system that we are proud to claim as a FAPCOTECH ’ innovation.

“In summary the system is an innovative solution designed to provide election officials as well as viewers with a unified platform for complete on-line broadcast of Live Votes Casting Process.”

Customized Solution

The system is a powerful web-based online election software program that can be customized to fit the requirements of governments, municipalities, unions or associations.

Scalable, secure and cost-effective, it offers countless advantages, including:-

  1. Online elections management system
  2. Seamless integration with the look and feel of the associated website
  3. Secure login and multiple privilege access rights
  4. Graphic rich governorates info, maps, number of votes, candidates’ biographies, CV, programmes etc…
  5. Web enabled capability
  6. Multilingual facilities
  7. Real time results and charts
  8. Verification functionality (could be by 3rd party) to strengthen the integrity of the election
  9. Integrated capability with multiple broadcasting channels.

Flexible & cost-effective

The system can be delivered through the Internet or via Local Access Network - (LAN) or (WAN) - and accessed through a simple web-browser interface.  This reduces the cost of delivery, installation, upgrade, and support, and makes for wider exposure and transparency.

Forward with FAPCOTECH

Our unique online election tool is yet another illustration of FAPCOTECH ’s ability to work with its partners in developing a seamless migration path from the traditional, paper-based election process to the Internet.

For further information about our online election tool or a Free Demo, please contact our Sales & Marketing Department.

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